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FROGIFY Me | Custom Frog Caricature | Become A Frog

FROGIFY Me | Custom Frog Caricature | Become A Frog

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Have you ever wanted to turn yourself into a frog without the hassle of going through a witch’s curse? Seek no more! 🐸✨🧙‍♀️

Become a mean, green, hopping machine by sending a picture of your face (or someone you know, we won’t ask questions) after purchase and we will use our magic powers to make your strange dream come true.


1. Place your order

2. Go to “YOUR ACCOUNT” go to “YOU”


4. Select “HELP WITH ORDER” next to your order


6. Send us your selfie (OPTIONAL: provide your email address if you rather receive your file via email.)

7. Wait for the magic to happen (processing time: 3 days, if not sooner)

8. Receive your frogified portrait file

9. Bask in its glory

10. Tag us on instagram: @froglegbonanza 🐸✨✌🏼

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